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Stained Glass Window Art

20191005_110358 (2).jpg

Butterfly & Daisies 


Horserace Victory

20191005_110741_Burst01 (2).jpg

Peacock Pride

Lamp  Bouquet.jpg

Lantern Bouquet

20191005_111345 (2).jpg
20220424_131827 (3).jpg
Mama & Baby Giraffe

African Elephant

Sleeping Kitty.jpg

Birds & Gems

Sleeping Kitty

Stained Glass Tables

Funny Fish Table.jpg

Funny Fish Table

Dolphin Table.jpg
20211012_095712 (3).jpg

Horse Table

Let the Sun Shine Table (2).jpg
Panda Tripod Table.jpg
Josephine Table.jpg

Giant Panda Table

Josephine Table
Butterfly Table.jpg
Trout Table.jpg
Dolphin Table
Let the Sun Shine Table
Butterfly Table
Trout Table

Stained Glass Lamps

20220417_140011 (2).jpg
20220424_131757 (2).jpg

Sailboat Fan Lamp

DSC00653 (2).jpg

Bluebird Fan Lamp

Victorian Lamp 

20220417_140011 (3).jpg

Blue Marble Lamp

Lighted Loon Lamp.jpg

Loon Lamp

Pink Gem Lamp.jpg

Pink Streaked Gem Lamp

Stained Glass/Mosaic Furniture

Sailing Cabinet 2_Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst.jpg
Sailing Cabinet 6_Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst.jpg

Sailboat Cupboard

Stained Glass Stepping Stones

Island Bench 2_Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst.jpg

Island Bench

Island Bench 4_Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst.jpg
20220429_144730 (2).jpg
20210930_134423 (2).jpg
Fish 2.jpg
20220429_144725 (2).jpg

Mosaic Window Art

Gone Fishing 3.jpg
Mosaic Fishbowl.jpg
Sailboat 3.jpg
Monkey Mischief 2.jpg
Gone Fishing
Fishbowl Fun
Sailboat Sunset
Monkey Mischief
Tulips in the Window.jpg
Stained Glass Pieces are Available for Sale at:

Rainforest Arts
9781 Willow Street, Chemainus, BC
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11 am - 4 pm


Tiger Trouble.jpg
 Tiger Trouble
Tulips in the Window
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