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Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst, Visual Artist 

Bio for Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst


Vancouver Island–based eclectic artist, Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst creates with multi-media in acrylic, oil and pastels, as well as stained glass, tile/mosaics and jewelry. She has formal university training in painting, post graduate work in art therapy and practical training in glass. She was inspired at age 18 by an artistic friend who created the most amazing detailed drawings of everyday items in the landscape. Her main subject matter is drawn from photographs taken everywhere she goes and typically includes realistic landscapes and wildlife, though figures may feature in her work as well. Cindy enjoys experimentation and challenge which had led her to create colorful, vibrant and engaging abstract art from pour painting. She is a current active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, whose work has been awarded and can be found in local and international online art galleries.


Artist Statement:

Art has been a passion for more than 40 years. I create eclectic art, which is constantly evolving as a result of trying new techniques or experimenting with different media. I am motivated to improve my painting talents through representational art of nature, wildlife and landscape scenes photographed while walking or travelling. Vancouver Island provides a treasure trove of beautiful scenery and experiences to paint. I also create abstract art based on explorations into pour painting and sometimes amalgamate the abstract with the representational. Although acrylics have become my favorite media, I also engage with stained and fused glass, tile and jewelry because of the sparkle, shine and iridescence that can be achieved using these media.



1988    Eston Art Show - Eston, SK  

1989    Kindersley Fine Art Show - Kindersley, SK   

1990    Frontier Days Art Exhibition - Swift Current, SK

2009    Sundog Exhibition - Yorkton, SK – Glass & Mosaics Exhibited and Sold

2019    Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, Ladysmith, BC, October

2019    Supporting Member of Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, October

2019    Creative Craft Fair, Victoria, BC – Art & Glass Exhibited and Sold, November

2020    Active Membership in Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, January

2020    Nanaimo Chapter of FCA – Nanaimo, BC, January

2021    Cowichan Valley Arts Council, Duncan, BC, November

2022    Mid-Island Artist's Spring Show, Costin Hall, Lantzville, BC, May 7th and 8th  

2022    Membership with the Chemainus Arts Council, Chemainus, BC, June

2022    Salish Sea Gallery/Ocean Ecoventures, Cowichan Bay, BC, June

2022    Rainforest Arts - Retail Gallery Space, Chemainus, BC, June

Canadian Exhibitions

Cowichan Valley Arts Council/CV Public Art Gallery

2021    -  Teeny Tiny Artworks Show - November 16 - December 17-  Artwork, jewelry

               and coasters were available for sale in the in the Annex and Gallery

2022    -  Animalia Exhibition in the CVAC Gallery, Duncan, BC - January 6 - February 10

               “Moose”, “Peacock Pride”, and “Fawn in the Forest” were exhibited

            -  CVAC Fine Art Show, Duncan gallery -  May 5 – 29 “Moose Mountain Golf Course" 

            -  Islands Agriculture Show, Cowichan Exhibition Grounds - July 6-7 included "Straw

               Lunch" and "Doey-Eyed" in the exhibition.

            -  Summer Share-A-Wall Exhibition - CVAC Annex - July 28 – August 18

               Group Exhibition - One of five artists participating

            -  Breath of Art Market - August 6, Station Street, downtown Duncan, BC.

            -  Summer Art Fair, Cowichan Valley Public Art Gallery - August 13 and 20th, downtown

               Duncan, BC

Federation of Canadian Artists Juried Exhibitions

2020    -  Canvas Unbound Online Exhibition Art Selected: “Ocean’s Alive” & “Butterfly

               Garden” - April 14 – 22

            -  365 Calendar Project Online Exhibition –  Art Chosen – “Early on a Frosty

               Morning” – May 1 - 31

            -  Animalis Online Exhibition – Art Selected – “Moose” May 12 - 24 

            -  Landscapes Exhibition, Art Selected – “Whatcom Falls” – June 15 – July 1

            -  Summer Member Showcase – Nanaimo Chapter, FCA Online Exhibition;

               “Harbour Seal” & “Ocean Surf” Exhibited – June to August

            -  Limitless Exhibition - August 1 - 31, juried "Shoreline" into the show

            -  Small Artwork Exhibition juried "Pink Reflections", "Inside Passage" and

               "Butterflies" online and in gallery exhibition - August 17 – 30, Granville Island

               Gallery, Vancouver, BC

            -  Crisis: Climate Change Exhibition - October 5 – 18 - juried “Impacted Oceanlife”

               as a “Recognized Work” for the Online show.

            -  Shape and Form Exhibition - October 19 - November 1 juried “Whale Spirit”

               into the gallery show and recognized “Bison 2” for inclusion in the online  


            -  Concept Exhibition - November 3 – 15 juried “Frozen” into the Granville Island

               Gallery show and “Family” was recognized for inclusion in the online show.

            -  Bella! Exhibition juried "Coastline" into their November 16 - 29 show at the

               Granville Island Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC

            -  Nanaimo Chapter of the FCA included "Leaping Lion" - November 6 - 19 Online

               Chapter Exhibition on the FCA website at

2021    -  Water Exhibition online - March 2021 - “Ocean’s Alive” juried in

            -  Spring Showcase - Nanaimo Chapter of the FCA March 22 - April 12

               at -

            -  Vancouver Salon Exhibition - May 30 – June 12 “Peacock Pride” and “Night

               Waves” juried in.

            -  Limitless Exhibition juried “Wolf as Red Riding Hood”, into the online exhibition  

               July 1 to 31, 2021 at

            -  Summer Sizzler Exhibition - Nanaimo Chapter of the FCA online - July 23 – August 13

               “Hanging Heart Lake” was juried in at

            -  Shape and Form Exhibition - August 30 - September 12 “Water Buffalo” was

               juried into the Granville Island Gallery, Vancouver, BC

            -  Chapter Challenge Exhibition - September juried in “Pink Reflections”  

            -  “NOW” Exhibition BC - November 15 - 28 - “Heat Wave” and “Forest Fire” juried into

                the Granville Island Gallery, Vancouver

            -  Ten-Squared Exhibition -  December 13 – 23 FCA Gallery Granville Island selected

               “Serendipity”,“Balance”, “Whale Spout” and “Under the Microscope” for inclusion

2022    -  Active Member Exhibition juried “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” as a “Recognized Work”

               January 8 – 23

            -  Works on Paper Exhibition January 25 - February 6 - “Lobster”, “Tree Bark”, “Flames

               in the Forest”, and “Fire of the Dragon” were  juried into the Granville Island Gallery,


            -  Artist’s Choice Exhibition - February 8 – 22 “Lake at Fernie” juried as a “Recognized


            -  Shape and Form Exhibition - February 22 - March 6 – “Seattle Cityscape", a collage

               on wood panel, juried

            -  Animalis Exhibition - March 8 - 22 "Golden Eagle" juried into the Granville Island

               Gallery, Vancouver, BC  

            -  Landscapes Exhibition - May 23 - June 8 - "Into the Light" juried into the Granville

               Island Gallery and online at . One of 57 artworks chosen from over 250

               entries for this exhibition.

            -  Chapter Challenge Online Only Exhibition - September 1-30 “Into the Light" juried

Ladysmith Arts Council Exhibitions

2019    -  Under the Microscope Show - October

            -  Christmas Art Exhibition – December

2020    - Matters of the Heart Show – February

            - Journeys Exhibition– March

            - Monoprints Online Exhibition – May

            - Stories of the Forest Online Show – June  

            - Botanical Exhibition Online included “Butterfly Garden” – September

            - Mindscapes Exhibition - October Online

            - Out of the Box Online Exhibition included "Flow", "Transformation" and

              "Northern Lights" - November

            - LAC Christmas Show - December 4 – 31st, included “Whistler Snowfall”,

              “Frozen” and “Emerging in their online exhibition at

2021    -  Ladysmith Fine Arts Show, - February 6th to 28 “Peacock Pride” and “Frozen”

            -  Royal LePage Window Display, downtown Ladysmith -  June 7 to 28 

            -  Land and Sea of the West Coast Exhibition online – July

            -  In Motion Exhibition – October

            -  Inanimate Objects Show -  November - “Western Music”, “Worn and Weathered”, and

               “Rusted & Retired” exhibited  

            -  Holiday Celebrations Exhibition - December - Smoky Ucluelet Sunset”, “Forest Floor”

               and “Fernie at Dusk” were included at  -  “Smoky Ucluelet

               Sunset” sold during this exhibition.

2022    -  Laughter is the Best Medicine Exhibition - January

            -  Ladysmith Arts Council Spring Studio Tour - April 22, 23, 24

            -  Ladsymith Fine Craft Show - May 6 to 30 - Combined Media juried "Island

               Bench" and "Sailing Cabinet" in, "Dolphin Table" - Glass Category

            -  Royal LePage Window Display downtown Ladysmith - May 30 - June 20

            -  West Coast Architecture Exhibition - July included "Seattle Cityscape", "Coal

               Harbour Sunset" and "Hobbit House" online and in-gallery

            -  Big Tress Are A Big Deal Exhibition - August included "Roots", "Tree Bark",

               "Atop Sugarloaf Mountain", "River Cruise (Port Alberni)", and "Coastal

                Reflections" online and in-gallery

            -  Arts on the Avenue Vendor, Ladysmith, BC - August 28 

International Juried Art Exhibitions


Art Ascent Magazine


-  "Escape" and "Prairie Seas" were published in the August 2020 Abstract Magazine on

    pages 84 and 85 at


Art Scene West


-   Reawakening to the Beauty of the West Coast 2020 Exhibition - July

    29 - October 31, 2020 - Artwork was also exhibited on


Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO)


-    ALL Abstracted 2020 Exhibition -  July 2020 at

-    2020 Water/Seascape Painting/Drawing Exhibition August 2020

-    ALL Animals Exhibition October 2020

-    ALL LANDSCAPES ART Exhibition - May 19 - June 15, 2021



Contemporary Art Room Gallery


-    Third Annual Animals Online Art Exhibition – July 2020 Finalist Awarded for "Butterfly

     Garden" "Peacock Pride" and Moose

-    Portrait Online Art Competition - May 2021 selected "Family" as a Finalist

-    4th Annual Animals Online Exhibition - June 2021 juried "Bison 2" as a Finalist

-    2nd Faces Online Art Competition - October 2021 Prairie Icon" juried as a "Finalist"


Federation of Canadian Artists


-    Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition – May 2020 - Granville Island Gallery,

     Vancouver, BC Art juried – "Spirits of the Totems"  

-   "Transformation", "Erosion" and "Day Turns to Night" juried into the Annual International

      Mail-In Art Exhibition (AIMAE) - March 29 - April 16, 2021, Granville Island Gallery,  

      Vancouver, BC. Change was the theme.

-    "The Reef", "Water Under the Bridge", and "Japanese Garden" were juried into the 2022

      Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition (AIMAE) showing June 6 to 26, 2022 online and

      at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island, Vancouver. Connection was the theme for this



Gallery Ring


-    People Exhibition – July 2020 - Finalist Awarded for "Three Generations" and "Aging

     Gracefully" at

-    Animal 2020 Exhibition - August 2020 - Finalists recognized for "Bison 2" and "Wolf as Red

      Riding Hood"   

-    Land Water Sky - August 2020 selected "Shoreline", "Inside Passage", "Hanging Heart

      Lake", and "Early on a Frosty Morning" as Finalists

-    OPEN Online Art Competition -  September 2020 included "Transformation" and "Leaping

      Lion" as Finalists

-    Colourful Exhibition - December 2020 at

-     Land Water Sky Exhibition  - June 2021 online at  

-    Animal Online Exhibition – September 2021 accepted "Whale Spirit" and "Fawn in the

      Forest" as Finalists

-     Abstract Exhibition – November 2021 at


Grey Cube Gallery


 -     Skies Exhibition – July 2020 - Finalist Awarded for "African Sunset" and "Lake Louise" at

 -     Colors Exhibition - August 2020 at recognized "Butterflies"

       artwork as a "Finalist"

 -     Blue Exhibition - August 2021 selected "Ocean Surf" for their online show


 -     Modern Art Contest - September 2021 accepted "Prairie Seas" and "Prairie Twister"

       as "Finalists" at

 -     Artist's Choice Exhibition - October 2021 at - "Smoky Ucluelet

       Sunset" juried as"Finalist" 

 -     Water Art Competition online - July 2022 "View from Whiffin Spit" and "Treasure at the End

       of the Trail" were selected as “Finalists”


Fusion Art Gallery


-    4th Annual SKIES Competition - August 2020 selected "Purple Golden Sunset" to be

     included in the online exhibition for at

-    Waterscapes – October 2020 Online Exhibition selected “Ucluelet” and “Ucluelet Sunset” as

     “Finalists” in the Photography and Digital Category.


Light Space Time Gallery


-    Second Annual Primary Colors Online Exhibition - July 2020  exhibition-2020-painting-other-media 

-    Animals Exhibition - August 2020 at

-    Seascapes Exhibition - October 2021 590

     entries from 21 different countries and 31 states participated in the show.

-    Nature Exhibition - November 2021.



-     Eston Art Show (Eston, SK) –1988 Honourable Mention for “Aging Gracefully”- 

-      Frontier Days Exhibition (Swift Current, SK) –1990 First Place, Wildlife & Landscapes


-     Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition – May 2020 - Federation of Canadian Artists

      Granville Island Gallery, Vancouver, BC - "Spirits of the Totems" – Awarded “Honourable


-     ALL Abstraction 2020 Exhibition - July 2020 - Awarded Third Place for "Flow"


-     Second Annual Primary Colors Online Exhibition – Light Space Time Gallery - July

      2020 - Awarded "Special Recognition" for "Sunset Over the Mountains"  

-     Awarded "Blue Whale" with "Special Recognition in the Animals Exhibition - August

      2020 at

-     Animal 2020 Exhibition – Gallery Ring - August 2020 - Awarded "Honourable Mention"

      for "Masked Swimmer"

-     Land Water Sky - Gallery Ring - August 2020 recognized "Pink Reflections" as

      their “Emerald  Award” Winner

-     OPEN Online Art Competition – Gallery Ring - September 2020 recognized "Escape" with

      an "Honourable Mention"

-    "Butterflies" was honored with a "Juror's Award" in the December 2020 online

      Colourful" Exhibition at

-     Land Water Sky Exhibition awarded "Ocean Beach" with their “Sapphire Award” - June

       2021 online at  

-     Blue Exhibition selected "Ocean Surf" for an “Honorable Mention” in their online show

       beginning August 20, 2021 at

-     "Inside Passage" and "Maligne Lake 2" were honored with "Special Recognition" in the

       Light Space Time Seascapes Exhibition - October 2021

-     "Lake at Fernie" was honored with "Special Merit" recognition in the Light Space Time

       Nature Exhibition - November 2021.

-     "Inferno" was honored with "Best in Show" distinction during the Abstract Exhibition –

       November 2021 at




Canadian Artist Vancouver
Canadian Artist Vancouver
Canadian Artist Vancouver
Canadian Artist Vancouver
Canadian Artist Vancouver
Canadian Artist Vancouver
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